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12:12 pm - December 13, 2002
ah lunchtime. i LOVE food.
my thoughts for the time being: ah lunch time. it's the best time of day for those of us who are healthy and take care of ourselves. i eat. i eat a lot. i keep it down. and i'm underweight. not by much, i think around 5lbs. that's right, 140lbs. five foot nine. and i look very nice if i don't say so myself. i guess i just wouldn't want to be stuck looking like the chick from christina augulara's (spell???) new video. GROSS. i will, never, EVER understand that. oh right, guess that's cause i'm not ELLE and her friends. just had to add that in there.

so, i'm sitting here, enjoying my lunch time munchies (aka 2 hamburgers and fries and a pop) hehe. i've been really busy this morning at, not really. haha. anyway.

d is going to take my truck this weekend to his shop in grand rapids, and fix that sucka right up. it needs: new battery, new alternator, a brake fixin', an oil change, and some fluid fillin'. and, because i'm semi-broke right now, he's paying for it. well, since he's doing all of the labor ('cause he's handy-dandy like that) all we need to buy are the parts.

i think we're going to cut down a christmas tree this weekend. i love christmas, it's my favorite time of year. i get to spend it with d, and see my sisters who are usually away at college, and of course the yummy food and all the presents. last year d spoiled me pretty bad, and i loved it. he got me so much stuff! this year i got him a lot to though. his birthday is dec 20th, so he gets like, twice the amount of presents. for his birthday i got him a new coat, really nice, plus a book he wanted. then for christmas i got him this really sweet dart board that he wanted, a new camping cot because his broke, hat and gloves to match his new coat, some books he wanted, some magazines from 1933 rescued from "the curious book shop" and some other random stuff.

i'm excited to go home a bit early today (at 4 one of my friends is picking me up. i didn't drive for obvious reasons.) i'm going to go running and then veg out for a bit on my couch before we go and finish our christmas shopping. and tonight: par-tay with ex-stripper and awesome friend kristina! and, i've got beer. yay for beer. *drool* then, tomorrow, christmas tree hunting with d, christmas tree decorating and cookie baking with my mother and sisters, and then hanging with my **HOT** guy.

wow, i hardly ever write an entry like this: a run down of my day or whatever. hmm, maybe i'll write my stuff for pieces-ofyou in a while. i've got a few meetings and work stuff to do, so probably not til later. until then...

ps. i got laid last night. :D


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